12 Ways to Make Money in Nigeria as a Student

how to make money as a student in nigeria

INTRODUCTION: How to make money in Nigeria as a student.

My guess is that you are either a Nigeria student constantly in need of money or you just gained admission and thinking about survival. This article was written with you in mind to help with ideas that will show you how to make money as a student in Nigeria university or as a secondary school student.

I was a student just few years back and one of the many things we can both agree on is that no amount of money is enough for a student. There are always things that need attention.

If you are like me, You will want to send money home as opposed to asking home for money. I can tell you for free that you are reading the right post. Some of the ideas I will be sharing are things that are very practical, you can start doing them immediately.

However, if your interest is in making money online, you should consider reading this post where i talked about 34 proven methods to make money online in Nigeria.

So many money making opportunities abound today in Nigerian Universities. We will be reviewing 30 of those and how you can take advantage of some if not all of them and become financially independent as a student.

unemployemnt in NigeriaWhile speaking recently at a conference in UNIBEN, I told over 1000 young people about some of these opportunities. You must not wait until you graduate because there are no Jobs out there waiting for you. The National Bureau of Statistics has given us staggering unemployment and under-employment figures in Nigeria today.

The graphics shows that we have over 40 Million jobless citizens in Nigeria. What are your chances of getting a job when you leave school. My point is simple, YOU MUST THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX. You must start thinking beyond now. Think about life after school and start getting ready for it today.

The best way to get ready is to start making money even now that you are still a student in Nigeria. Don’t let life happen to you my dear.

In this article, I will be showing things you can do in your immediate environment to start making money as a student in Nigeria.

I am not one of those guys that will tell you to go and sell “pure water” or do menial Jobs. I will however be showing you things you can start doing with little or no capital. Of course, you do not have to sacrifice your grades in the process.

Below are 12 things you can do as a student to make money in Nigeria.


How to Make Money in Nigeria as a StudentThis is a proven way to make money as in higher institution. A lot of person do not know this but becoming either the representative for a specific lecturer or for your class is a huge money making opportunity for you as a Nigerian student. In life, leadership positions do come with opportunities for wealth. Fortunately, this reality is also same in your school.

As a rep, lecturers will most definitely sell their handouts and teaching materials through you. What you can do is add a little fee for your stress. You can do this either with the knowledge of the lecturer or not. In most cases, they do not mind. Some of these lecturers will give you a token from your returns.

Another opportunity is that lecturers usually give their notes to students. This is done through the course/class rep. The course rep is now saddled with the responsibility of photocopying these notes and distributing among his/her peers. This photocopy is done at a fee and the fee will obviously not come from his or her pocket.

As the representative, you can take a higher fee from your peers, run the photocopy for them and keep the change. This fee is usually very low so other students never complain but when you multiply this by the number of individuals in your class. The power of ripple effect comes into play and you could go home with a lot of money. In a class of 500, assuming you make a profit of N100 on each students. That puts the easiest N5000 in your pocket.

Real money from this method depends on how many students you are representing and also how many lecturers you are interfacing with.

Most people run away from the responsibility of being the representative for their colleagues because of the amount of work it entails. You shouldn’t. It is almost just as rewarding if not more.

Being the rep also positions you to be the first to benefit from lecturers who want to trade money for grades. You will most likely be the coordinator as these lecturers do not interface with lecturers for obvious reasons. You will most likely reach out to students on his/her behalf. This is an opportunity to add your own extra fee and make so a lot of money. This is because this do not come cheap.

Let us do some basic mathematics. If a lecturer is selling grades for N8000 and you tell your fellow students that it is N10000. That puts N2000 in your pocket. assuming you were able to get 10 people that are interested. That puts N20000 in your pocket for just a course. You could get more persons, that is more money. You can also get more lecturers, that means even more money. This is a very practical method you can jump on right now.


sell your notes as a StudentThis is another proven way to make money as a student in Nigeria universities. General Muhammadu Buhari, recently referred to Nigerian youths as “Lazy Nigerian Youths”. This analogy used by Nigerian president for it’s youth is very evident in Nigerian Universities. There are students who do not go to classes hence they do no have notes.

This is an opportunity for you if you are a serious student who goes to classes and writes good, readable notes. You can make copies of these notes and sell them to these “LAZY” students.

These students are mostly working class who have no time for classes like most dedicated and full time students like you. These working class students are ready to pay a premium for well taken notes that they can read and write exams.

All you need to do to qualify for this opportunity is simple. Go to class, take good notes, write in legible and readable handwriting. You basically need to be a good student to qualify.


sell past questions as a Student in NigeriaIf you are already in school and have written at least one exam, You will agree with me that past questions are always repeated. For those that are yet to gain admission or even write their first exam. I believe that you find this information helpful. Find all previous past question on each subject and go through them all with understanding and as many times as you can. This is a proven method of writing your exams and coming out in flying colors.

The challenge mostly lies with finding these past question papers. Most times you find them in fragments and go through the stress of compiling them yourself. Your friends now come to borrow and photocopy. This in itself presents an opportunity for the business minded student to make money in Nigeria.

All you need to do is  to be intentional from the beginning of the semester and start gathering these past questions. I am a strong believer in the proverb that says “Failure to plan, is the plan to fail”. Photocopy and put them together, if you can, bind and label them appropriately. This document is in very high demand especially during exams.

Set a fee and sell these very valuable documents. You can update these at the end of each semester and build a name for yourself as a dealer of past questions. Word will go round and people will come looking for you just before every semester exam begins.


join students politics in Nigeria

I can tell you 50 politicians today in Nigeria whose career started as a student leader. Senator Dino Melaye was an SUG president in UNIJOS, Comrade Ayodele Adewale was an SUG president in Lagos State University, Omoyele Sowore who today is a celebrated Human Rights activist was an SUG president in UNILAG to mention a few.

In the breakdown of every school fees, there is a fee designated for the Student Union Government. These funds are usually disbursed through the student affairs office. The SUG is viewed as the student representative and monies are disbursed for this office.

During elections, politicians seeking student votes usually go through the SUG to reach students. These politicians give a lot of money to these SUG officials who happen to be students like yourself.

Let us do some mathematics again. Let us assume that 100,000 students pays an SUG levy of N2,000. That would be a whooping 200,000,000 (Two Hundred Million) for the SUG officials and the school authorities to share.

Most schools have cars with drivers for SUG officials. These are students like you.

The SUG have various offices even in your department. You can run for your departmental senate, SUG Secretary General, Financial Secretary or even run for an opening in the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS).

There is a cake big enough to go round in Students Politics in Nigerian universities and there is no reason why you should no take a bite.

These positions prepare you for a career in politics when you finally leave school. It also gives you the opportunity to meet and mingle with the politicians who might be in a position to help you into higher offices tomorrow.

Finally, I have a few former SUG presidents as friends and almost all of them built or bought a house as a student.


Write exam for others

This is definitely a risky venture but it is juicy at the same time. Many students especially the “Lazy” ones are willing to pay you to write their exams for them. Alternatively, You can sit close to each other in the exam hall and help them answer the exam questions. This method can earn you as much as N10,000 in a Nigerian university.

Now, Just imagine you write 10 exams in a semester. That would put an extra N100,000 in your pocket.

This however is illegal and could get into a lot of trouble. In some schools, the result for exam malpractice is outright expulsion. Please be guided.


organize tutorials

Its is a known fact that some students are more smart when compared to others. Being smart can prove a viable way to make money as a student.

As a smart students, other students are willing to pay yo to teach them. Some people are shy to ask questions in class when a lecturer is teaching but they will be more comfortable to interact and ask their fellow student. If this student is you, then you should consider organizing a paid tutorial class.

Promoting yourself and your class is just as important as starting your own tutorial class. People have to know that you are smart to come to you. One of the many ways you can get their attention is ask question and interact with lecturers in class, Organize a few tutorial and maintain good grades.

These methods will definitely help you create some level of awareness. After the first 2 or 3 classes, you can then tell them that you are stressed and could use some sort of financial support to help you with transportation or something. If you are really good and they are getting value from your classes. They will definitely oblige you.

Some people will request for private lessons and they will pay you for it.



Assignments are a compulsory part of student life. It also determines your grade at the end of the semester hence it’s importance. Most working class students and the “LAZY” ones do not have the time to tackle these in most cases and this is where you come in.

You can have an agreement with these class of students to take care of them when these assignments are given while they in turn takes care of you financially. This definitely is a win for all parties involved.

Project work is mandatory for all students in their final year of study. Most students especially the working class and “LAZY” ones find this very difficult to deal with. Helping them out with this would definitely put some money in your pocket.

The fee is dependent on how difficult the project work is. Some of these are basically research work that involves a lot of writing while others needs you to build something.

If you are the smart student, you can make this happen for whoever and get rewarded for it.

You will definitely find Project Paradise very resourceful as it is a website where students from all over the world upload their project works for free.

On Project Paradise, you will find projects from various disciplines including Computing, Engineering, Sciences, Arts, Humanities and more.



Nigerian musicians are raking in millions of dollars and as a student in Nigeria, you can too. Another interesting angle is the fact that most of these well known musicians today started from their campus as a student.

This requires a bit of talent so you have to be talented as a singer. The best place to start is in Campus fellowships. Join the choir and attend shows and conferences. This will put you in the faces of people and if you are very good. People will start requesting for your services. Simple economics tells us that demand affects price.

You need to put yourself out there and show them what you are made of. Believe me, they will come looking for you.



Just like the musicians, Comedians and MCs are constantly cashing in as it is today. Another fact is that most of them started from their student days. There is no reason why you shouldn’t start now too.

Attend shows and events in your school. End of the year parties, Departmental events. Offer to host or co-host. Read up jokes and make people laugh. This require talent as well but Hard-work beats talent any day.

Put yourself out there and with time people will want you to host their events and of course the budget for the MC/Comedian comes to you. MC Mbakara is a friend of mine. We met in UNICAL and what I just told you is exactly what He did back then in school. Today, he is one of the fastest rising MCs in Nigeria today.

May be you do not have enough confidence to put yourself out there either as a musician or a comedian. The next idea on how to make money while in university in Nigeria is for you. Keep reading.


show promoter

What you probably do not know is that show promoters make more money than the musicians and comedians. These guys are also referred to as artiste managers.

You can become one as a student and make money.

Here is what you should do. Identify the talents in your school and organize shows for them. Charge a fees small enough to attract a lot of students at the end of the day it will be worth it.

From experience, I will advice that you to focus on dancers, comedians and even stage acting. These interests people a lot more than singers.

The fee you generate could be split between you and the artistes. The artistes that are not well known might be happy to perform for free. This gives you even more money to go home with.

This is better organized during students week or when students just resume for a fresh semester. That is when they have the most money in their pocket.

Pay attention to seasons and time. Be strategic.


become a pastor

The business of religion is booming in Nigeria today. The truth you are probably not aware of is that most of these popular millionaire pastors started their business as campus fellowship pastor.

Success in this field requires you to know the bible and how to spin it for your personal gain.

Religion is the opium of the people” This phrase is arguably the most popular statement of the highly revered German economist and philosopher Karl Marx. This statement in itself explains the reason why religion is big business especially in a country like Nigeria where poverty is the order of the day.

Nigeria today is the country with the highest number of poor people according to a report by Brookings Institution. There is a direct correlation between religion and Poverty as poor people in their despair seek for  hope.

Religious leaders sell hope for their personal gain.

This is not illegal but morally wrong. You definitely can do this, make money and reinvest in the people by doing charity work.

How do you make money as a fellowship leader?

This is simple, Tithe, Offerings (This is collected in every meeting or gathering), organise events constantly and call for sponsorship (sowing of seeds), Mobilise your congregation to do charity work. I will be talking more on this in the next sub topic.

One tradition in campus fellowships is that they are encouraged to take care of their pastors, some of these young students were gifted cars as students by their congregations (fellow students). They are made to believe that you must give to these pastors for them to become miraculously rich.

This is fueled by lots of fake and bogus claims usually called testimonies aimed at making the congregation believe that you pass exam, get a visa, scholarship or even healing by giving a gift to these pastor.

The religious industry are exempted from paying taxes. It is a win for the owners as every monies goes into their pockets.

You can either start your own fellowship or join an already established one and work your way up to become the “head nigga in charge”

Again, This is morally wrong but completely legal.


Start an NGO

Non Profit Organizations are a money printing business especially with the increase in donor agencies. Unlike all the other businesses, you need a little bit of capital to get started.

Identify a problem in the school environment and begin to address it. This could be basic infrastructure deficit like vital books missing in the library.

There are many international agencies you could reach out to and get them to send you used books for the school library.

To succeed in this business, You need t master the art of public relations. While presenting this books, take pictures, videos and get someone to write a good piece, Distribute this all over the internet with your name and your mission.

The more you do this, the more aid and funds you will get as agencies will most likely research you before you reach out to the.

You could undertake providing automated wheelchair for students with disabilities. Believe me, this will put you on the same table with kings.

As a campus fellowship pastor, you can mobilize your congregation to undertake community service, take pictures and make the publicity about you.


The methods I have shared here are practically proven methods. There is no reason why you should not start making money right there in your school.

If you have any questions or further explanations, I will be in the comment section. Thank you and Keep winning.

In simple terms, I am an IT Expert, Affiliate Marketer, Blogger at OnlineHustle.com.ng professional and YouTuber at YouTube.com/OnlineHustleTV. I am passionate about making money online and everybody should.


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