Your Fiverr account might be disabled if you do this

Your Fiverr account might be disabled if you do this

I have had a lot of my student complain that their account got disabled on Fiverr. It is the most scary thing for every fiverr seller. This mostly affect new Sellers especially. The reason is not very from the fact that we have either not bothered to read the Fiverr Terms or we just choose to ignore these very important warnings. Honestly, nobody reads the terms & conditions while creating an online account. In this Fiverr Tutorial blog, I’m going to discuss top reasons why Fiverr disables accounts permanently.

1. Creating of Multiple Fiverr Accounts on a Single Device

This is one of the top reasons behind people’s Fiverr account being permanently disabled. According to the Fiverr Terms of Services, sellers are allowed to run one account only. Some people who decide to run multiple accounts use proxies to protect themselves from being caught. However, considering the fact that two people and living in the same house might use the same device, Fiverr can allow this but you MUST not buy stuff from each other because this will be seen as a pre-arranged purchase which is against the rule.

2. Requesting for 5 Stars Ratings from Buyers

Asking buyers for a 5-star rating used to be allowed on Fiverr until recently. It is a major reason why Fiverr accounts get permanently disabled. As a seller, you are not allowed to ask a buyer to rate your services. However, requests for rating on merit basis is allowed. Always endeavour to build a mutually beneficial relationship with your buyers and make them very happy with the high-quality delivery.

3. Rude and/or Abusive Behavior

Fiverr gives an upper hand to Buyers which is why sellers are more likely to get permanently disabled. Being abusive o rude to buyers no matter what they do can get you booted out of Fiverr. The buyer might report this activity to the Fiverr support team.

4. Sellers posting deceptive Buyer Requests

As a seller, you are not supposed to Post buyers requests for the sole purpose of promoting your services. Only post genuine Buyer requests.

5. Sharing Personal Contacts/ Outside Communication

Fiverr encourages both sellers or buyers to keep all communication of its platform, the major reason is that they need to collect their 20% hence they frown at sharing of personal information. You are not allowed to share emails, phone number, and other personal details unless it is necessary for the job you are doing for the buyer.

6. Copying Gig Description

Sellers sometimes copy the description gigs that are ranked very high. This is frowned at by Fiverr and can get you kicked out. If you must copy, do so with common sense by re-writing the description.

7. Fake Review Exchange

Reviews help buyers make buying decision hence sellers with high positive reviews are more likely to make more sales. A lot of sellers on Fiverr especially new ones exchange or pay for fake reviews for obvious reasons. This will definitely get you kicked out if you are caught.

8. Fake Gig Favourite Exchange

Just like Reviews exchange, people also exchange Gig favourites as they believe that it helps gig ranking on fiverr.

Be sure to Study the Fiverr Terms and Conditions

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