In this article, I’m going to be giving you guys a brief walkthrough on why you are losing the Instagram followers that you have already gained. what I’m about to show you is something that has worked for me time and time again as regards growing and retaining the Followers but I have gotten on my Instagram account.

Let’s Get Started.

As we all know, the most common method of getting followers on Instagram is the follow and unfollow method where you would be required to follow a bunch of people and with hopes that they would follow you back.

Actually, the plain truth is that that is the simple reason why you are losing all your followers on Instagram.  The same way you yourself would go and unfollow a bunch of people who are not following you back, that is exactly the same way other people whom you are not following back will still go and unfollow you and even still, the ones that you have gained will never engage with your posts because they did not follow you because they like what you post. They simply follow you because you follow them.

And it is not new news that having an Instagram account that has a bad engagement rate is the worst thing that can happen to your Instagram account as at now because that is just how the Instagram algorithm works.

The Instagram algorithm simply pushes up the posts and accounts that have more engagement and pushes down the ones that have low, little, or no engagement at all. But don’t worry at all because I will offer you a solution right away.

Here Comes The Solution

To simply keep your followers engaged with your account and at the same time stuck to your account, you simply need to do Instagram the right way, and what I mean by the right way is for you to simply get followers that are really interested in following your account because they like what you do and you can simply do this by using a tool known as kicksta.

Kicksta simply goes out and uses the information you have given it on the onset to find people who might be interested in your account and by so doing it will go out and like the posts of those people and their aim is to make those people noticed that someone liked their posts and by noticing that someone new liked their posts, they will check out your account and if they lime what they see and what you do on your Instagram account then they will follow you.

By doing just this with kicksta, that way, you simply get Instagram followers who really follow you for what you do and not because you followed them. This will also make them constantly like and engage with your posts since it was their outright choice to follow your account.

Since I started using Kicksta on my Instagram account, I have seen steady growth and these followers do not just drop overnight simply because the followers like what I do on my Instagram account and also because they followed my Instagram account by their own decision.

If you want to learn more about kicksta you can simply read this in-depth kicksta review in other for you to learn everything you will need to know about kicksta. So to summarize the whole article, all you have to do is simply stop following and unfollowing because the followers You will get will not like your posts and also, that kind of situation where your followers don’t like your posts give your account a BSD image on the eyes of the Instagram algorithm and this will kill your Instagram account engagement which is not something you want.

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Thanks for reading.

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