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Its been about two weeks since i published my first post The Naira is fucked, let’s take advantage of it! and since them i have received a lot of calls, most of these callers became my students eventually and for me, you remain my student for as long as you want to and this is solely because I derive pleasure in building people, my aim is to create millionaires like myself.

After my post How to make money online in Nigeria: unStrictly for the Ladies which i described the ample opportunities for women on the money making industry on the internet especially in Nigeria, the Nigerian ladies finally responded but a particular lady named Joy responded in a very significant way, and her approach inspired my article Yes, the Nigerian girls finally called: Joy is the smartest of them all, 

Joy’s story was significant, she joined Fiverr in February with no success but today that story is in the past, after trying on her own for over 6months with no success today she has made her first sale on Fiverr and she is not slowing down with the level of enquiries that has been pouring in, so is Cyril, Richard and Kadelu.

Chisom is not slowing down too as she is fast approaching the LEVEL 2 position on Fiverr.

Dr Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, the former minister of finance in Nigeria said about 5 days ago that young people should not wait for government to employ them but rather, they should become self-employed and employ themselves, there is no better way to say this, you need to think outside the box especially in a country like ours where there are no better way to employ yourself, I do the thinking everyday, i experiment on my own now let me show you what really works and how to make it work.

Let me help you become an internet millionaire.

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In simple terms, I am an IT Expert, Affiliate Marketer, Blogger at professional and YouTuber at I am passionate about making money online and everybody should.


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