OPay App: How to Download and Use

OPay App


OPay app has recently joined the tech ecosystem in Nigeria even as competition among various tech startups becomes more fierce. The ancient truth about competition being good for the consumers becomes even more real. OPay is the new Fintech startup making so much waves and gaining so much traction in Nigeria today. The question you might ask is, what is different between OPay and other solutions before it like

  1. Cash.ng
  2. Okra.ng
  3. Paystack
  4. Alat
  5. Flutterwave

Well, the OPay App has proven to not only be a Fintech solution as Fintech companies like the ones i mentioned above focuses solely on making and receiving payments. By definition, It is basically a computer programs or technology designed to either support or enable financial and/or banking services. Investopedia goes further to define Finetech as a term which primarily means “Financial Technology” and used to describe emerging technologies that aim to automate and at the same time improve the use and delivery of financial services.

By this definition alone, OPay is a Fintech solution but that is not all that it is. I will get to that in a jiffy but first let us look at OPay’s definition of itself.

According to operapay.com, OPay aims at bringing freedom and security to everyone in Nigeria through exceptional mobile money service that you pay bills, transfer and receive money at the lowest charges in the country especially at a time like this where Nigerians banks make profit by simply ripping off Nigerians.


Let us take a look at OPAY APP interface below

OPay App

Looking at the app interface, Deposit and Withdraw at the top and Transfer and Balance even airtime proves that the OPay is a Fintech Solution but the other buttons like ORide, OTrike, OCar, OWealth etc looks a lot like the kind of buttons we see on Ride hailing apps like Uber, Taxify (Bolt), Max.ng and GoKada.


ORide allows you to book a Bike online in Lagos and take you around Lagos, This is exactly what GoKada Does

OTrike allows you to hail Tricycles with just like Max.ng which also has a Bike hailing service

OCar allows you to hail taxis more like Uber and Taxify (Bolt)

OWealth on the other hand allows you to save money like a Piggy Bank and this is exactly what  PiggyVest does.

OPay App is 

  1. A Financial Services App
  2. Ride Hailing App
  3. Bike Hailing App
  4. Piggy Bank App


The OPay app is a brainchild of Opera Group, the same people own the popular Opera Browser both for mobile and web, Opera News and Opera Web.  Opera venturing into the African market was in 2006 with the launch of Opera Mini, a mobile web browser. This browser has become very popular in Nigeria with almost 50% penetration.


Wondering how to download the OPay App? this can be done just a few steps

  1. Visit the respective app store on your phone ANDROID or IOS (APPLE)
  2. Search for the key word “OPAY
  3. Download the app with a green logo like thisopay logo
  4. Register for an account on the app
  5. Verify Your email and Phone Number
  6. Start Using the app immediately

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