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How to make money online in Nigeria: unStrictly for the Ladies

by Gerald Umeh

since I started talking about my online money making exploits which was borne out of my desire to teach what i know and hence help Nigerians, especially youths live above the said economic recession in Nigeria. I have advised a lot of youths, leave Edo and Ondo politics alone as a matter of fact if you are not a candidate in an election or the candidate is directly related to you, my brother you have absolutely nothing to gain if they lose or win, be productive with your time.ladies1

A lot of persons have called me, many of which contacted me via facebook chat and they all have the same question which i have been trying to answer on this blog but yesterday calls were overwhelming, i recieved a whole lot that i’m thinking of employing an assistamt. so many of these calls came through after they read my post How to make money online in Nigeria: My fiver story. But it is kinda disturbing that only one girl called and she is a south African that lives in South Africa. obviously our naija sisters are not paying attention to the economic recession in the country at the moment, most of them are still waiting for handouts from boyfriends, aristos and sugar daddies, well i wish you guys the best of luck but you should start building a future for yourself or your kids might end up asking you the questions you wouldn’t be comfortable answering.

Like Allie Madison and Chisom, Now is the time to take the bull by the horns and build something formidable that you can be proud of. It is no secret that women have more chances of excelling in every endeavour when placed side by side with their male counterparts, they tend to be favoured more in almost everything especially sales and most companies have understood this from ab-initio and are utilizing this approach, Nigerian banks is a good example.

Some people ask me why I am yet to reveal my Fiverr profile well, the truth is that on Fiverr, I am exploiting the woman angle by this I mean that I am using a girls picture to make sales on Fiverr. Yes, I finally said it! And its the truth and it’s not against the Fiverr policy a lot of persons use their company or personal logo, it’s what I called smart work which has been widely acclaimed to be a lot better than hard work.


The whole idea behind Fiverr is that you get hired and you work digitally with no one giving a damn about who you are or where you come from. but then a pretty face like yours works magic when it comes to making sales. A lot of ladies on Fiverr have made tons of dollars by simply faking to be someone’s girlfriend on social media, others simply by chatting or talking to a bored old man half way across the world will drop as much as $20 every 30mins into your pocket.

I’ll be your guide, I’ll show you how, all you need is a computer and internet access which you already have.

Get in touch with me and let’s get started.


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Morpheus September 8, 2016 - 8:33 am

After coming to learn about Fiverr, all i could say is give it this perfect acronym: Free Internet Venture Enriching Real Resource.

Gerald Umeh September 8, 2016 - 10:05 am

wow, I am sure the owners of Fiverr would like that. Nice one Isaac, wish you the best as you continue your quest for millions on fiverr


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