How to make money online in Nigeria: My fiver story

After I discovered Fiverr in July of this year, immediately I had a feeling that my quest for another trustworthy way on how to make money on the internet if finally over Ajayi Adebayo had to show me his $4000 united states dollars on Fiverr and then take me to the atm in India to make withdrawals with his Payoneer MasterCard which works anywhere in the world including Nigeria.

That night while doing my independent research, I ran into the story of Allie madison, a teenager who made over $100,000 by just taking pictures of herself and making videos from her phone. This is basically what most Nigerian girls do everyday on Instagram, snapchat and even facebook.

doesitworkBayo took me to the ATM to answer the question most people which includes me at that time have “the money don reach your hand?” a friend even asked me the same question on WhatsApp a few days ago.

I explained Payoneer and how to withdraw the money you have made online in this post.


allieA quick look at allie’s fiverr homepape will reveal that she has over 8000 reviews and from experience, i know that over 50% of buyers don’t bother to give you reviews, they just take delivery and go home. but let’s say she has made just 8292 sales at $5 each, simple mathematics shows that she has made 8292 X 5 = $41,460 that is N16,584,000 (sixteen million, five hundred and eighty-four thousand naira ONLY).

Now, that is mindblowing, but looiking at her page, AllieMadison you will see that her best selling gig starts at $25. That sure is some motivation yes?, it was for me too.



This is Chisom, a young woman I have come to admire over the years, her zeal and tenacity never ceases to amaze me. after I discovered Fiverr, we were on the phone and I mentioned it to her, automatically she was interested and I had to talk her through creating an account over the phone, today she is a level 1 seller on Fiverr and her last delivery was sending a picture of her hair to a hair product manufacturing company in the US for advert and guess how much? $15 in today’s Nigeria, that is N6000 and that is a picture she has had on facebook for about 2years now.

Her account has 20 reviews and she has a balance of about $200 on her Fiverr account, and her Payoneer card will be delivered in her office in festac in about a week from now.

There is a special kind of fulfillment and peace that you achieve with self-employment especially when you have created something from nothing, and watch it grow through the years. You raise it as you raise your own child.
For me, Gerald Umeh, I did set a goal of making $1000 (One Thousand United Staes Dollars) from Fiverr alone this September and today is the 6th and i am already on $500.
I always tell people, on Fiverr there is always something that you can do. All you really need is a laptop, internet access, quality customer service, passion and of course a mentor/guide who is experienced on how to make money online in Nigeria and that is where I come in, you need me to show you how to navigate Fiverr and get the best out it.

Contact me on 08069590234 or click here

In simple terms, I am an IT Expert, Affiliate Marketer, Blogger at professional and YouTuber at I am passionate about making money online and everybody should.


  1. Boss I hail. I am really fufilled . Fiverr has been an amazing source.
    Thanks boss for being a wonderful trainer, thanks for being a wonderful talent manager. Thanks for grooming me this much. ???

  2. Really like dis post, it open my eye to a new world of making money online, would luv to try it out, thanks so much Gerald for dis wonderful poost, it’s really an eye-opener

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