How to deal with Fiverr ID verification

How to deal with Fiverr ID verification

Fiverr suddenly knocking on your freelance office door to ask you to verify your identity probably feels like the cops flagging your car down and asking you to bring out your drivers’ license—bothersome and irritating as hell. You’ve got pressing orders or demands to take care of and now this extra burden is unceremoniously dumped on your full plate.

You just logged in on Fiverr to check how many hours you have left to submit a task or to check if the client you just delivered a task to has left the mood elevating five star review yet, only to find a notification that says “verify your ID.” And it doesn’t end there, there’s a ticking clock—have your ID verified within seven days or you will be restricted from selling on Fiverr.

Now that’s kinda scary: the thought of not being able to message your clients which could mean losing your existing clients. It’s even more frustrating when you don’t have any of the appropriate ID readily available. Fiverr only accepts your national ID, passport or your Drivers’ license. If you have one of those available, then go right ahead and click on the submit button and let the process begin. It’s not a complicated process: after clicking on the submit button, you will then select the type of ID you want to verify with and tap the ‘next’ button.

Clicking ‘next’ opens up a page with a camera icon, tap the camera to snap your ID. After uploading that and clicking ‘next’, you will be prompted to another page with a camera icon that you have to tap. Take a selfie of yourself, upload and save and you are all done.

Your ID verification won’t be successful if you don’t submit the required ID, so don’t even bother if you don’t have any of the three required ID.

There are only two things you could do if you don’t have any of the required ID, they are

  1. Take a deep breath

Yes! You’ve got to verify your ID to continue selling on Fiverr and yes! You have only 7 days to do that, whether you already have an ID or not. This is enough to send your heart beating faster, especially when you know it will take more than 7 days to get the appropriate ID in your country. Take a deep breath, log out of Fiverr and get to work.

Don’t forget that you can always ask whatever question is bothering you on the Fiverr support centre. You can always get in touch with them via email whenever your ID is ready, even if they have restricted your account already.

2. Go get the appropriate ID asap

Waste no time at all, the sooner you begin the registration process for your ID, the sooner your ID will be ready. Your school ID, work ID or even your voter’s card won’t be accepted, only your national ID, driver’s license and passport. Ask around and research to know which of the ID you can get in a shorter period of time. Besides the ticking clock, not being available on Fiverr for weeks could mean losing your clients. The sooner you verify your ID, the better for you.

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