20 gig ideas you can sell on fiverr to earn money online

What is Fiverr and How Does Fiverr Work?

Before we get to Fiverr Gig Ideas, Let us explain what Fiverr is. Fiverr refers to itself as the world’s largest marketplace for digital services. while Wikipedia refers to Fiverr as an online marketplace for freelance services and provides a platform for freelancers to offer services to customers worldwide.

These two definitions suggest that Fiverr is a marketplace, but then when we say market place online today, companies like Amazon, Jumia, etc come to mind. so how does Fiverr differ from these marketplaces?

Another look at the definitions from both Amazon and Fiverr itself will show that services were mentioned in both definitions which suggest that on Fiverr only Services are bought and sold. hence, on Fiverr, you can only buy and sell services. these services range from very simple tasks like dancing on camera to building a mobile app.

What is a Gig on Fiverr?

A GIG is actually an English word that means “a job, especially one that is temporary or that has an uncertain future.” On Fiverr, a gig is basically representing services offered by sellers. Look at creating a gig the same way you looking at uploading a product on amazon.

What You Need To Know About Ways To Make Money Online

Fiverr gig is the number one thing we need to make money on Fiverr. Before we dive right into the things you can actually sell on Fiverr to make money, it is important to state that making money online is not as easy as a lot of people make it seem. It requires hard work, dedication, and consistency but it also has a lot of advantages over the conventional way of making money which includes getting a job and going to the office every day. Working online only requires internet access and an internet-enabled device (usually a laptop), this makes you very flexible and you do not have to deal with traffic jams especially during rush hours (If you live in Lagos like myself, you’ll understand better, lol). This time flexibility can also be a curse sometimes as Time management requires a lot of discipline which most people don’t have.
Working from home can bring distractions, laxity, missed networking opportunities, and so on.

I personally do advice, my students, especially those starting out online to focus on scaling their freelance hustle as opposed to focusing on money from the onset. Example, if you are on Fiverr, build your Fiverr profile first, this will give you multiple reviews which is tantamount to referrals from people you have worked for in the past. This builds your credibility so other buyers become very comfortable and will buy from you.

20 gig ideas you can sell on fiverr to earn money onlinefiverr img

From the image above, The seller sells logo for $60 and his basic package, notice that he has almost 5000 Reviews on this gig alone. A new seller who is just starting out on Fiverr and attempts to compete with him is obviously doomed from the beginning hence the need for this seller to sell for a reduced fee and build-up kindly read up my Article COMMON MISTAKES WHY YOU ARE NOT MAKING SALES ON FIVERR or watch this video


For a lot of people looking into making money online, the Major challenge is figuring out what to sell, This video is a solution to that as I have listed and explained 13 Gigs you can start selling on Fiverr with little or no skill whatsoever. Making money on Fiverr With some kind of skills is the path almost everyone takes. But how to make money on Fiverr with no skills? That is the major challenge. These are Fiverr gig ideas that provide you a clear path to convert your already existing skill to money online.

    As the internet grows, habits change and today videos are becoming the number one activity on the internet. Smart business people understand change which is why these businesses are embracing videos hence the high and growing demand for spokesperson video services. Spokesperson videos are more or less Testimonial-like videos and the beautiful thing about this is that just about anybody can do this. All you need is your phone, I have even seen gig where people offer selfie styled video spokesperson which basically is you making a selfie video for your client and getting paid for it. I like talking about Allie madison whenever I talk about spokesperson videos mainly because when I started out on Fiverr in 2016, her story which I found on Forbes brought me so much motivation. She was just 22 years old when she made $100k on Fiverr selling video services. How it works is very simple, a buyer who needs you to read a script in front of a camera contacts you with the script and you basically take your phone and do the recording. YES! It is as simple as that.
    This is another very interesting and extremely easy gig to sell on Fiverr. How it works is a client contacts you to go through his website and check for errors. People who normally buy this gig are either website owners or website developers like myself. You will just go through this website and document your errors or observations. this can be done by just recording your screen and you can use this free screen recorder at no cost at all OBS STUDIO
    20 gig ideas you can sell on Fiverr to earn money online Fiverr img2
    Voiceover services are in increasing demand on Fiverr, You do not need to purchase fancy equipment to start selling this. Like in Spokesperson Videos, all you need is your phone, Thankfully every phone has a voice recorder. To produce studio-like voiceover quality, just cover yourself with a duvet, put on your voice recorder and speak. Voiceover works almost the same way spokesperson videos work, the difference being that one is just videos while the other is Voice only. Here are a few samples of voiceover gig on Fiverr.
    20 gig ideas you can sell on Fiverr to earn money online
    Data Entry is just like the name sounds. It involves entering data into a spreadsheet, Microsoft words, etc. People like me hate typing and there are times you need to arrange data collected in a certain way and that is where a data entry person comes in handy. Maybe this information was scanned or taken with a mobile phone camera and you need it typed out. That is the job of a data entry clerk. This is some of the few gigs that you can charge per hour as the job differs almost at all times you negotiate the price with the buyer WATCH VIDEO HERE
    There are gigs on Fiverr where you basically write a clients message on your boy or a piece of paper, Hold it up and take a picture or a video. This will take only about 5mins to complete and get paid. very simple right? I told you!
    I have had an experience where someone required me to print his logo on a T-Shirt and make a video wearing it. of course, he paid for the T-Shirt and printing.
    For people with lots of followers on social media, you can create a gig where you post a message for buyers for a fee. This is very lucrative as people are always ready to put their products in the faces of more people. If you sell Video spokesperson services, for instance, you can also include a gig where you do social media promotion. This way you can upsell your social media promotion gig after doing videos for them.
    This is not big on Fiverr at the moment so if you are good with video games like Fortnite, Minecraft, etc. There are people ready to pay you to cross a level where they have been stuck for a long time. You can consider playing games online using websites like Twitch to increase your credibility for such gigs.
    This is a very lucrative gig on Fiverr at the moment. If you are a good singer or rapper, this is an opportunity for you. Business owners or lovers contact you and you basically write verses and sing it for their businesses or their loved ones on special occasions. This gig sells like crazy here’s proof

    20 gig ideas you can sell on fiverr to earn money onlinefiverr img3This guy sells Rap Services on Fiverr and with 793 reviews on this gig alone, this is definitely a best selling gig coupled with the fact that competition is very limited
    Have you ever imagined getting paid for dancing? Then this definitely is a dream come through for you. we go to the club and parties and dance for free, we even dance for the gram. Fiverr is providing us with another opportunity to dance and get paid. It’s simple setup a gig like this one DANCING GIG 
    As a virtual assistant, your job is basically to help people do basically anything. There is a kind of overlap between this and Data Entry. Your job includes Typing, pdf to word conversion, web research, lead generation, etc. Below is an interview with one of my students who are making a lot of money online as a Virtual Assitant and data entry expert on Fiverr.
    This is a gig that makes me laugh every now and then. Another gig like it is the one that claims to attract money to you. It promises to bring your lover back or make someone fall in love with you. These guys have tons of reviews which indicate that they are making sales. They basically deliver nothing to you and tell you that if you fail to give them a 5-star rating, whatever they supposedly did for you will not work. I don’t encourage this as I think its scam but Fiverr allows it and if it’s not against your personal belief. Kindly go ahead and try it.
    This is just as the name sounds. You will receive a document from the buyer, this document could be a letter, book, ebook, etc. You are required to go through this document and correct all errors both spelling and grammatical. Tools like Grammarly make this very easy to do.

I have explained most of these Fiverr Gigs in the video below

In simple terms, I am an IT Expert, Affiliate Marketer, Blogger at OnlineHustle.com.ng professional and YouTuber at YouTube.com/OnlineHustleTV. I am passionate about making money online and everybody should.


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