Easiest ways to make money online and offline in 2017

payoneer2016 has come and gone with a lot of new year resolutions which involved making a lot of money online and offline. For some of us this was a reality while for others, well this resolution have been carried over into this year 2017 and if care is not taken a repeat of this carry over will be become a reality.

My aim is simple “take you by the hand and show you the easiest ways to make money online and offline.”

2016 was indeed a good year mainly due to the fact that i discovered Fiverr, it was also a good year for those who believed my gospel of fiverr and reached out to me particularly Emmanuel from Kenya and Akif from Parkistan. Together we have tapped the enormous potentials, as a matter of fact i have made over $400 (four hundred united states dollars) as at today and this is the 11th day of January 2017. I am not sure how much your salary is but my office job doesn’t pay me that much in a month plus i cannot measure the joy i feel when my students contact me with testimonies of how they are making a lot of money because they met me.

I don’t just tell stories, i always bring proof

  1. fiverr.com/belchis
  2. fiverr.com/kadelumedia
  3. fiverr.com/maybellarose
  4. fiverr.com/cereal264
  5. fiverr.com/tataresume
  6. fiverr.com/petite0214 and so much more

Before i proceed, let me say a very big Thank you to Ajayi Adebayo who i came to know fiverr through. Thank you boss, i feel like i went to india just to meet with you.

my vision is to tackle unemployment and poverty via empowering you financially by teaching you how to fish but then nothing come to a waiting woman except a bus but we all know that she has to be at the bus stop. meet me halfway and it will be my great pleasure to teach you the easiest way to make money online and offline in Nigeria and beyond

In simple terms, I am an IT Expert, Affiliate Marketer, Blogger at OnlineHustle.com.ng professional and YouTuber at YouTube.com/OnlineHustleTV. I am passionate about making money online and everybody should.


  1. I am impressed by the swift response Gerald provides. Thanks so much for this information. This is the best resource available guys.

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