ClickFunnels VS GetResponse: Which Platform Is Best For You?

In this ClickFunnels VS GetResponse Comparison, I’m going to address the issue that arises when individuals like you and I get caught up between clickfunnels and get response..

I’m going to give you a full comparison between clickfunnels and get response and let you know which one is best for you as regards automated email marketing…

Actually choosing between get response and clickfunnels has a lot of factors that affect one’s choice on what one is better for you depends on a lot of factors which include:

  • Your level of experience,
  • What you want to use the software’s for &
  • Finally, how much you have on your budget.

In this comparison between clickfunnels and get response I’ll give you guys a 6 factor guideline that will help make your decision as regards choosing the platform that will serve you better between clickfunnels and getresponse.. So let’s jump right in it below..


1. Purpose: What Were These Platforms Were Designed For?

GetResponse was designed as an email marketing and automation platform which has now in addition to their email marketing platform added lots and lots of more features which includes:

  • Landing page builders
  • Webinar hosting rooms &
  • Sales funnel/website builders..

GetResponse has become so advanced in the now times that you can even with all its features track, manage and study your marketing efforts and it’s results online without having to own an entire company or board of workers to do all that for you.

ClickFunnels on the other hand is a website and funnel building platform that enables individuals like you and I to build, test, track and manage websites and sales funnels that are fashioned in such a way that they warm up cold website visitors and converts them into paying customers.
All you really need to do is choose a pre-made sales funnel template from the countless number of templates that will be provided on the clickfunnels platform and tweak the design a little bit and then once it’s done you just change change the text on each and every page of the sales funnel/website so that it passes on the message that you want it to, once done you’re all good and done.
In clickfunnels you can find a lot of done for you marketing elements that you can add on to the pages of your sales funnel while building them in other to make your pages super responsive as well as high converting..
The name GetResponse and ClickFunnels clearly paint different pictures in one’s mind but the goals of these both companies seem to be super related.. As they both posses tools that every internet or digital marketer should want from an internet marketing platform.


2. Size: Are Both Platforms Good For All Business Sizes?

The straight up answer to this is absolutely “YES” as these both companies were made and are meant to be used by all business sizes as one can choose a plan that’ll suit their business size from one of the many packages offered by these both platforms and as well scale up the plan as their Businesses grow..
ClickFunnels and GetResponse have different pricing packages and it’s important for you to know that that of ClickFunnels start out their pricing plans much more higher than GetResponse..

ClickFunnels has its smallest pricing package starting at $97 per month where you’ll get access to:

  • Landing Page/Sales Funnel Templates

While GetResponse has different pricing package which has its smallest pricing package starting at just $15 per month with lots of restricted features that you only get access to when you upgrade to a higher plan.. Their $15 package gives you access to:

  • Email Marketing Features
  • Email Auto-responders
  • Basic Landing Pages
  • Automation Workflows & Tags..


3. User Interface: Which One Has An Easier To Use Interface?

Generally ClickFunnels has a lot of technicalities which means that ClickFunnels would be good for people who are very conversant with computers as it has a more complicated user interface..
Here is a detailed review on ClickFunnels where you’ll find out all the features that are integrated into the ClickFunnels platform..
GetResponse on the other hand has an easier to use user interface as it let’s users access lots of very easy to use landing pages though there have been some very few complains on the little difficulty that comes on when editing landing pages..
In conclusion GetResponse has an easier to use user interface than ClickFunnels..


4. Pricing/Budget: What Do These Platforms Cost?

Both ClickFunnels and GetResponse offer users different pricing packages for them to choose from and use the package that suits them..
The factor that’ll determine your choice as regards the different pricing plans that will be provided would for sure be the size of your business as it is very natural for larger companies to receive lots and lots of email subscribers and website which just leaves them with no choice but to go for the larger pricing plans while the smaller or newer businesses who do get fewer email subscribers and website visitors can sure go for the lower packages that these both platforms offer..

ClickFunnels offers two different packages which include:

  • The Startup package which will cost you $97 per month and let you build a maximum of 100 web-pages/sales-funnels, use a maximum 20 funnels, give you access to a maximum of 3 custom domains and let you host a maximum of 20k unique visitors on a monthly basis.. &
  • The Enterprise package which will costs you $297 per month and let you build a maximum of 300 pages, use a maximum of 70 funnels, give you access to 20 custom domains and let you host up to 100k unique visitors on a monthly basis..

GetResponse offers four different packages which include:

  • The Email package starting which costs just $15 per month..
  • The Pro pricing package which costs$49 per month..
  • The Max pricing package which costs $165 per month and
  • The Enterprise package which costs $1199 per month…

When your business outgrows your plan, it’s important that you know that when you’re upgrading that you can still stay on what ever package you’re using and just increase the number of your email subscribers instead of upgrading to a higher package where you’ll get to pay for lots of features that you won’t need or use..
GetResponse as well offers a huge 18% discount on their services if you’ll pay for one whole year at a stretch and that’s not all as they also offer an even huger 30% discount if you’ll pay for two years at a stretch..

Choosing between clickfunnels and get response solemnly depends on the amount of traffic your site gets and as well the amount of email subscribers that you’re keeping up with once these two factors are considered you will be able to make a choice without doubt..
As a small business that still looking to grow I think and strongly recommend the pro package of get response for businesses of the size as it is very ideal and has a very reasonable price which is set at 49 dollars..
As regards the customer support of these both companies clickfunnels actually offers you one on one call in order to solve your problems while get response does not do that instead provides you with a one on one live chat with one of their representatives..

5. Mobile Availability: Do You Need to Work From a Mobile Platform?

The availability of these platforms on mobile really matters as regards making a choice and it’s important for you to know that clickfunnels is not available on mobile platforms like iPhone, iPad, android and other mobile platforms while get response is available on all of these mobile platforms..

6. ClickFunnels VS GetResponse Features: Which One Of Both Has More Features?

Now we’re going to take a quick look at the features that both of these platforms have and also see which one has better features.. The features that both GetResponse and clickfunnels have to offer will be represented in a tabular for for easier comparison…

ClickFunnels FeaturesGetResponse Features
✔️ Email autoresponder✔️ Email Autoresponder
✔️ Drag & drop interface✔️ Drag-and-drop interface
✔️ Email list management✔️ Email list management
✔️ Social media integrations ✔️ Social media integrations
❌ iStock photos unavailable✔️ 1000+ iStock photos
✔️ Contact list segmentation ✔️ Contact list segmentation
✔️ API connectors✔️ API connectors
✔️ Campaign analysis & tracking✔️ Campaign analysis & tracking
✔️ Landing page designs✔️ Landing page designs
✔️ Delivery tracking❌ Delivery tracking unavailable
✔️ Scheduled emails✔️ Scheduled emails
✔️ Website management❌ Website management unavailable
✔️ Tags & workflow keywords✔️ Tags & workflow keywords
✔️ Membership site builders❌ Membership site builders unavailable
✔️ Pre-built funnel templates ✔️ Pre-built funnel templates
✔️ Landing page templates ✔️ Landing page templates
✔️ Third party integrations ✔️ Third party integrations
✔️ Contact database ✔️ Contact database
✔️ Website traffic tracker❌ Website traffic tracker unavailable
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