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How much does Uber and Taxify drivers make a week in Nigeria

Uber has undoubtedly changed the way we move around. My first contact with Uber was in 2016 while I was living in Hyderabad City in India and it was really the perfect way to move around the city considering the fact that I was new and didn’t know my way around the city.

Uber always came in handy.

While in India Uber also had a competition which was Oga Taxi at the time, there was also a lot of debate as to which was better in terms of pricing, better-looking cabs, customer service etc.

This debate is similar to what is happening today in Nigeria between Uber and Taxify. Taxify is really giving Uber a run for their money and this led to Uber slashing their price per KM last year.

For most young Nigerian, both have created more meaningful employment even for women.

How much Do Uber and Taxify Drivers Make weekly?

Last week, I ordered a cab on my Uber App to take me from my house on the island to Computer Village in Ikeja and back. The fee was N8000 (Eight Thousand Nigerian Naira) and in the course of my conversation with the young Uber driver, he told me that he just bought the Corolla for 3Million Naira about 6months ago. He also revealed that his daily target was N20,000. As a businessman, I did the maths N20000 x 6days a week and the total is #120,000. That means that this young man makes 120k weekly and I know graduates who work Monday to Saturday and no control over their time and they earn 60k salary monthly. I got very interested and my next question was if he meets this daily target and what he did was give me his book.

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What was in His book?

From the book, I discovered that he already made a trip to the airport and back for 10k before he picked me up and I paid him 10k, This means that he already made 18k with lots of time to make some more money before the day runs out. By this analysis, I figured that this guy makes over 400k monthly.

400,000 Monthly income is a DREAM COME TRUE for many Nigerians especially graduates, Imagine if He took a loan of 3Million to buy the car, it means that he will be able to pay off his loan in about a year while living a life that most Nigerians dream of.

Guess what? He uses an iPhone 7 Plus which he explained as a necessity as he is both on Uber and Taxify platform.

3days after, I had to travel out of Lagos and I booked for another cab with my Uber App, my discussion with the last taxi guy was still on my mind so I started a conversation along the same line with this new guy and he told me that he just bought his car about 2weeks now after driving for someone else for over a year. His earnings were not so different from the first guy but he explained further that It is more profitable if you are driving your own car.

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Become an Uber Diver and earn N20,000 upon signing up if you


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  1. Wow! Good information, I think I’ll try that out!

  2. 20,000 is not realistic at all may be once in a week and so the information given by this Peron was not real at all

  3. How about if you have a job at hand but want a business by the side that will earn something and you plan on buying a car to use for uber and engage a driver to drive it, also which brand and model of car is best suitable.

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