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WordPress wordcamp 2018 in Lagos is my first wordcamp

I was at the WordPress WordCamp 2018 and I can’t help but reminisce about how it all started. I have built WordPress from my second year at the university and I still remember my first encounter with HTML and CSS. Back in the day, I would get a sheet of plain paper, draw out the structure of the website and start writing the codes to make this happen. This was not very easy as you must have imagined but I would stay awake all night until I met Isaiah who build websites with Drupal.

I found Drupal and Joomla quite unfriendly but as soon as I tried WordPress, I knew instantly that I have found the perfect solution.

Till date, I have delivered over 100 websites and they all run on WordPress.

WordPress has not only made web development an easy task, it has also created a really cool source of revenue.

What does this mean for Nigeria?

This suggests that the attention of the world is gradually focusing greatly on Nigeria, especially its digital space hence, the need for Nigerians to focus on the internet. Google has realized this which is why they are training Nigerians and advertising massively here. we have the numbers for consumption, all we need is to focus on production.

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The WordPress WordCamp (Lagos 2018)!

On Saturday, the 10th of March 2018, a WordCamp for WordPress was held here in Lagos Nigeria and I volunteered. It was a really wonderful experience which I am very proud to be part of.

WordCamp Lagos 2018 was a day filled with lots of training from the seasoned professionals in the online digital space.

Some of the speakers were from big names in the WordPress community like PayStack, JetPack, WordPress, Woo Commerce and many more.

There was also a workshop for teens. The Happiness Bar which I thought was most helpful. It is a desk that WordPress developer can approach and get help with their challenges.

The speakers did justice to their topics but in conclusion, I think there was not enough time for some topics especially “WordPress and AWS” which in my opinion was supposed to be more practical than the 20mins that was allocated.

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  1. This is an amazing. When I read articles like this, I wish I had the knowledge in computer programming and general engineering but maybe I would acquire that one day *smiles*
    Great article. Thank you

  2. Nice article. The WordCamp was really an eye-opener to several ways WordPress can be used in the digital age.

    As a volunteer, it helped developed more of my communication and networking skill. In all, WordCamp Lagos 2018 was awesome.

  3. Interesting experience you had, wonderful. Next year will have a lot more practical workshops and enough time tied to them.

  4. I love the WordCamps. Didn’t know they had one in Nigeria. Kudos!

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