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Precious becomes the new FIVERR queen from Nigeria

The harder you work, the luckier you get! – Mike Adenuga

Precious joined Fiverr after she read my blog and her experience has been mindblowing…

I have not had a student with so much success on Fiverr in such a very short time which is why I recently had a chat with her and she made some mind-blowing revelation.

She joined Fiverr only about 3months now with about $5000 in revenue on Fiverr alone, her story is filled with so much lesson considering the sense that she quit her job with one of the giant telecommunication company in Nigeria after discovering Fiverr and she recently told me that it was the best decision she made in her life.

She believed and it is working out well for her…on my part I am glad that my vision of creating/manufacturing young African Millionaires like myself is coming true, the plan is simple show them how to make money online and guide them till they can guide others to become a success story which they themselves have become.

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My approach is not completely new, In conflict area like Palestine/Gaza Strip, Unemployment was about 43% which was about the highest in the world with about 60% of youths (15-29) unemployed. Mercy Corps built a similar program of training these youths and putting them on international freelancing websites with Payoneer ensuring seamless payment process. After a 2-year period, 54 of these freelancers have earned more than 60,000 US Dollars (21.6million Naira). However, another 160 was influenced by those 54 to start freelancing and they, in turn, earned more than 28,000 USD (10million Naira) in about a year.
Other advantages according to these freelancers include creating self-trust, developing relationships and exposure to other cultures.

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  1. Wow! Thank you so much. I’m a very happy student and God bless my grand teacher ‘Gerald Umeh’!!!
    I remain ever grateful for the amazing opportunity. Money sure grows on the Internet.

  2. Good to hear. How can one join

  3. Good to hear. So happy for you girl. Congratulations hope you still finish your studies

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