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My Trip to Makoko-Slum in Lagos

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Today, we visited the slum of Makoko and i was amazed how so much poverty can exist in the heart of the almighty Lagos.

These people actually live in the canal with no access to road and basic amenities, as soon as we entered the makeshift canoe that kept rocking till the end of our journey, we were greeted by people defecating right into the congealed and smelly black water. The sight of floating faeces became a normal sight just half way into the journey and i kept thinking “what the hell?”

Makoko has been referred to as the “Venice of Africa” but what i saw was a people condemned to abject poverty and not VENICE, i saw kids who have to shit right into the water they live, travel and school on, Makoko is not a sight to behold by the faint hearted, it is not a place any parent would want their kids to grow up in.

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We didn’t come empty handed, we came bearing a lot of gift items whch included brand new school sandals and school bags for the students who had none, various food items which included noodles and cooking oils and lots more.

We left the students, teachers and the community happier than we met them and i want to say a very big thank you to Ebuka Obi and the entire team at We-Care without borders foundation because they made it possible.

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  1. It was an experience. I could not imagine how people live in that kind of environment… And yet they are surviving

  2. Venice of Africa indeed, little wonder it is so close to tushed government buildings just a stone trow away. it’s so sad that at this day and age people of Makoko still live in such abysmal conditions

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