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Online Freelancing and the future of the Nigeria Youth

As long as we keep expecting to have freedom handed over to us, we’d remain slaves…

A critical look at almost all western countries shows that there is at least one leader who provided quality leadership at one point in the history of these countries. Great Britain can boast of Winston Churchill, the United states can boast of George Washington, even South Africa can boast of Nelson Mandela, Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia, Jerry Rawlings of Ghana but unlike these countries Nigeria is yet to record quality leadership in its 56 years of existence, as a matter of fact the quality infrastructure in Nigeria today was either built by our colonial masters or the military, from the 3rd mainland bridge to the river Niger bridge, the refineries, national arts theatre, even the carter bridge and the existing power infrastructure. My point being that from inception, every government have been selfish which makes it a total waste of time for us the youths to keep expecting something from them.

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Nigeria is facing a major problem of youth unemployment today and the reason behind this is majorly due to bad resource management. The government is making a lot of noise about agriculture as a good employment option but the truth is

  1. It is considered the job of illiterates.
  2. It requires much physical work.
  3. There is significantly lack of basic infrastructure to support it.

The second option of establishing an industry or doing business comes with the challenge of access to capital and the possibility of loss and multiple taxation from all tiers of government and their agents.

The other option of searching for employment which are almost non-existent at the moment especially with the present economic climate in Nigeria comes with the pressure of

  1. Commuting (Lagosians understands this more than any other person)
  2. Dealing with rude bosses
  3. Less family time
  4. Limited income
  5. Job insecurity among others

There is another tested, trusted and viable option, which the recent developments in technology have brought to us, not only for the unemployed youths, but also for all Nigerians. With this option comes the liberty to earn on your computer from the ease of your house, lying in your pyjamas. Freelancing is a viable option for anybody having the most basic computer knowledge. Anybody can work as a freelancer and reap the benefits like:

  1. Unlimited Income
  2. Flexibility
  3. Fire your boss
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All you need is a basic computer and good Internet connection.

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  1. this is the first time i will come across legit online business with realistic goal

  2. I have just lost my job and was wondering which way forward till i came in contact with Gerald and he introduced me to fiverr.
    I started reluctantly but today i can tell you that fiverr is my full time job and i am never looking for another. In simple terms, i am glad i lost my JOB (Just Over Broke)

  3. Nice article friend I hope to learn more.

  4. Nice and encouraging will like to learn.

  5. Interesting, am Ready to Learn…

    Kudos to the Founder of ONLINEHUSTLE

  6. Monday Ibe (Monexki)

    Nice one from you boss.. Thanks

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