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It’s 10th September with $500 confirmed: How much is your salary?

todayIt is my humble opinion that the topic is pretty straightforward, and i don’t mean to insult you but you should be on Fiverr and i have vowed to help you all the way. All my life, i have taken pleasure in making others happy and my friends and family can attest to that fact.

Today is the 10th day of September 2016 and i have confirmed $500 (five hundred dollars on Fiverr), i don’t know how much your salary is but if your monthly income is less than N200,000 (Two Hundred Thousand Naira), i wonder why you are not on Fiverr yet. And if it is more, i can assure you that Bill gates even Dangote is still working to make more money.

Ladies, you all post pictures on snapchat and instagram, well you can get paid for those pictures. Let me show you how to make money in Nigeria. All you need is a smart device and internet access which you already have.

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another-order-rolledRichard, Joy, Cereal and others have completely set up their account, yesterday, i  thought them how to effectively promote your gig on social media and it is not about posting it on Facebook, as a matter of fact your Facebook is Nigerian and i can tell you for free that nobody on your friend list on Facebook will buy your gig and today we will be exploiting Fiverr’s inbuilt promotion which is i consider the most effective way to make sales on Fiverr.

Just yesterday, Ada from California contacted me also and i will be setting her up today. This morning i recorded a screen-cast specifically for Joy to help her navigate the online money making quest effectively.

If you think you are too busy, there are very easy gigs that you can deliver on your phone and it is my job to show you this, i want to see you succeed. You must as a matter of urgency take your destiny into your hands, don’t complain about the government, Nigeria has none. The average Nigerian politician is there to take care of himself and his family and doesn’t care about you. Statistics from the National Bureau of statistics (NBS) suggests  that about 500,000 jobs have been lost this year alone and the economic recession is just getting started.

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The train is moving and you must not get left behind!

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  1. This is the real deal.It is not a scam,its not a photo shopped screen to convince anyone(the story about Bobby buying his house with fiverr earnings is also true) .Nigerians are making legitimate money legally.Gerald is a patient teacher who is willing to ensure you succeed I can attest to that.I have done more in 24 hours compared to what i have done in a few months.Join the fiverr train.

  2. Am liking this for real….. Money money money all the way..

  3. And how does this work exactly?

  4. emmanuel. i love this

  5. This is the best favour any human being can do him/herself in this recession. This Fiverr is the best and surest legit way to make money online and Gerald is there to guide you all the way to your success. Start it today cos tomorrow might be too late

  6. Monday Ibe (Monexki)

    It’s is my pleasure to visit your blog!

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