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Bobby Just bought a House with His Fiverr Money #OnlineHustle

Personally, I need no motivation anymore, Bayo did it all and my personal success so far on Fiverr is enough but then, just yesterday I read a story that made me realise the possibilities that exist which are  beyond my imaginations.

Bobby, whose name on Fiverr is “WINGLE” joined Fiverr in August of 2013 and he has been providing logo and graphics design services for customers all over the world using Fiverr, in just 3years he has moved from beginner to Top Rated seller on Fiverr which is the highest promotion stage on Fiverr (I wonder who gets to the peak of their career in the corporate world in just 3years). Bobby is from Faisalabad, Pakistan a 3rd world country which except for terrorism issues and political instability is better than Nigeria. He’s also married, has a lovely two-year-old daughter, and just recently bought a house and he did it with his Fiverr Money!


The picture above shows Bobby’s Fiverr profile, He has 3469 Reviews and like i told you from my earlier writings, not all buyers leave reviews but let’s assume that he sold to 3469 persons at $5 each ie 3469 X 5 = 17,345 Dollars. To a lot of us, that is chicken change in 3 years right? remember that about 50% of buyers left no review but then

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bobby2Bobby has a wordpress creation Gig on fiverr which he sells for $95 and so far he has made 83 sales ie 83 X 95 = 7,885 Dollars only. Abeg, how much is 17,345 + 7,885 dollars in Naira especially in this era of change?

25,230 X 400 = N10,092,000 ( Ten Million, Ninety Two Thousand Naira Only) A banker that takes home 200k monthly will get a lot less than 10million in 3years and he unlike Bobby will have to leave his house early in the morning and come back late at night and if you live in Lagos… (Story for another day)

Bobby joined Fiverr as a buyer to outsource his graphics and web development. His turning point came after he read the story of another fiverr seller Anarchofighter who have just bougth a house with his Fiverr money at the time, He became serious on Fiverr with a goal of purchasing his own house with His Fiverr Revenue.


According to Bobby, One of the biggest impacts of Fiverr is that his days of worrying about finding projects is over. No more making bids on a project as it is done on many freelancing sites. On Fiverr, On Fiverr, all you need is to present your service very well, a little promotion and Fiverr does the rest. The convinience and flexibility makes it all very interesting and there is no worrying about losing a job.

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If you are not yet on Fiverr?

well…I can tell you for free that you are doing the wrong thing

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  1. I am inspired. My castle is on the way ?

  2. It is always inspiring to see people progress in life, it shows that it can be done and it is all the motivation one needs. Thank you Gerald for sharing invaluable information out here. You are changing lives.

  3. How do I get on fiverr??

  4. This is awesome.
    How do I begin?…

  5. How do I join and start making this on-line cash, I need this breakthrough.

  6. Gerald, I still did not understand, is it abt selling ur stuffs on fiverr,pls help me with more info.tanx

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