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Yes, the Nigerian girls finally called: Joy is the smartest of them all

joyI want to take out time to say thank you to all the Nigerians especially the women who called yesterday after my blog post How to make money online in Nigeria: unStrictly for the LadiesI have never considered myself much of a writer but the fact that I was able to motivate you into action means a lot to me, Thank you Efe, Bola, Bridget and others. To everyone that called to appreciate my writings, well like i said earlier, writing is something i always run away from but Fiverr is bringing out this part of me that I never knew existed simply because i am convinced mainly via personal conviction. 

Joy is the smartest of them all, her drive and passion is the type i had, still have to an extent, She have tried Fiverr before with no success but like the woman with the issue of Blood in the bible she reached out to me after reading my blog. I have taken a special interest in her and will be helping her navigate this making money online thing successfully.

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Yes, the ladies called and they all had several questions on how to make money on the internet, most of these questions are all one and the same, in as much as i like their curiosity and inquisitiveness, they failed to read my blog posts which is where I have tried to answer some of these questions they have. i am seriously considering hiring someone to manage the enquiries especially my facebook chat. I practically sleep for just 3hours a day but I have a genuine desire to help people which is why I don’t really give a damn.

I want you to learn and you are doing the right thing, you are taking the right step in the right direction and I can tell you for free that you are never free unless you own your own, your own money, your own business.

Alvin Toffler rightly said in the 21st century, an illiterate will not be the man who is unable to read or write but the one who is unable to learn, unlearn, and relearn.

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It’s time to start learning, unlearning, relearning and earning

let me teach you how to make money on the internet in Nigeria, i will guide till you need my guidance no more.

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  1. This just shows i made the right move by contacting you.Looking forward to the ride
    .Ps thanks for the mention.

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